We are NOT affiliated with the “Coming Out Godless” page at Think Atheist

Dec 16 2010 Published by under General, Images

Thanks to Google Alerts, we have recently become aware of Think Atheist’s page using our text.

Think Atheist: Coming Out Godless page

This screen capture is a couple days old. We contacted Morgan Matthew of Think Atheist, who seems to have changed some of the text but an actual response is still pending. Though some text has changed, “Coming Out Godless: What’s your Story?” still remains. (On a side note: “Coming Out Godless: What’s your story?” was our text before we changed it to “The Coming Out Godless Project: Share your story.”, which can still be seen on some of our older link to us buttons— towards the bottom.)

You can see how similar it appears to the COG page at Atheist Nexus, which we are affiliated with.

Atheist Nexus: The Coming Out Godless Project group

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