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South Point TAM2013 Guide

Jun 26 2013 Published by under Images, Links, News

Amazing Meeting 2013 at South Point Casino

My wife Rose and I are Las Vegas locals, and we have visited South Point to check out the facilities several times over the last few years. This collection of images and notes should give you a realistic view of what to expect. Of course, each year is different and there are always surprises during your amazing trip to Las Vegas so keep in mind  this should simply be informational and your experience may vary.

South Point is several miles from the major casinos you may be familiar with and is approximately 7 miles to Mandalay Bay at the start of “The Strip,” for example.

View Larger Map


Taxis – Typically this is the most cost effective for groups of 4  people and have less waits than shuttles. Just look for the taxi signs at the baggage terminal or any hotel lobby. Taxi’s do not typically pick up on the street when flagged.

Don’t be taken for a sucker – Use your smartphone to get directions by GPS enable traffic layers. Most cabs do not use GPS for various reasons.  Ask about it on the way to your hotel for entertainment value.

Strip Traffic can back up quickly and the direct route may not always be the least expensive. In taxis and limos, time is money.

Las Vegas cabs and taxis charge $4.00-6.00 credit card fees and may charge additional fees for airport trips. Plan accordingly.

McCarran International Airport, 5757 Wayne Newton Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA

South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa is located at:
9777 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89183

6.9 miles / about 14 mins

Initial Fare


Add. Metered Fare


McCarran Airport Fee


Tip (15%)


Estimated Taxi Fare


Popular Taxi Fare Estimates for Las Vegas, NV

  • McCarran International Airport (LAS) to MGM Grand Las Vegas: $18.49
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS) to Bellagio: $19.38
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS) to Mandalay Bay: $18.46
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS) to ARIA Resort & Casino: $18.31
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS) to Treasure Island: $20.98
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS) to Monte Carlo Resort & Casino: $18.72
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS) to Luxor Hotel: $17.79
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS) to Hard Rock: $14.04
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS) to Stratosphere: $24.12

Estimates according to Taxi Fare Finder

Car Rentals – There are too many to list. Typically rates are less expensive away from the airport and you may not need a car due to the many full days of amazing events. A good skeptic should be able to do the math based on your particular needs.

Public Transit – Fairly comfortable but not suggested from the airport.

Bus trip planner –

Rates vary based on route. Expect tourist destinations to have a higher cost.


Unless you are conditioned to the heat walking/exercise, it is strongly discouraged.  Heat stroke or death is possible.

Southpoint Strip Shuttle – (Not Airport) The cost per passenger is $8 (cash only) and is valid for one round trip ride to the strip and back on the date of purchase only. Space in limited, based on availability. Please call 702-889-4242 for more information or click

Current Weather 

Find more about Weather in Las Vegas, NV

Sunscreen and lots of water is how locals survive in the desert. Expect temperature ranges of 105 -120 F. -which is 40.6 – 48.89 C.  outside and a uv index of 10. Casino temps are a cool 77- 78 F.25.5 °C

Always be sure to consume some liquids other than alcohol.

Water Fountains are few and far between but bottled water is always available for a price. Shopping at convenience stores before arriving at the hotel may save considerable cost.

South Point And Convention Area

Plenty of parking right in front of the hotel with valet available for those arriving by car. Bus and Taxi stands are in front of the hotel.

The Casino (Main) Floor plan is very simple and easy to navigate and the second floor is split into common areas and the convention space. A current floorplan [pdf] is located at

South Point Sign

Look for this Binion Statue near the Cafe and Convention information is clearly posted on the wall.

South Pointe Statue

Convention Details Sign

The convention area is on the second floor with easy access by stairs, elevator or, my personal favorite, escalator.

Once on the second floor, you are presented with convention info again.

Registration Area

A large reception and registration area. Great for chit chats and networking. Visit the window to receive your passes or to reach the helpful JREF staff.

Lo-Tech Board

Have something to say? Take it lo-tech with the whiteboard in the main conference area.

Phone Room

Pro-tip – The phone center has 6 power outlets in the back, several phones and networking access. Otherwise Power is very restricted and battery packs are suggested for live bloggers.

Conference Room

Inside, a sample conference room seems spacious with tables and padded chairs.

ATM and Banking

ATM Fees

South Point ATM fees are $3.00 which is cheap by Las Vegas standards. All matter of banking and card types are accepted.

Gaming and Comps

Sign up for the hotel club card if you will be gaming or using the hotel facilities to receive discount and comps (complimentary gifts).

Slot Machine

Pro-tip to Hotel Guests – charge everything to your room and settle your bill at the end of the trip to give the hotel an opportunity to comp an item.

Coupon Book with discounts available at check in includes:

  • One Free Cocktail at Any South Point Casino Bar

  • 50% Off at Garden Buffet – Any Meal – Any Day

  • Free Bottle of The “Wine of the Month” With the Purchase of 2 Entrees at Silverado Steakhouse

  • Free dessert with entree at Don Vito’s

  • Free dessert with entree at Primarily Prime Rib

  • Free Margarita with dinner entree at Baja Miguel’s

  • 10% Of at Zenshin when spending $20 or more

  • Free Cup of Soup with the purchase of entree at the Big Sur Oyster Bar

  • 15% Off a $10 or more purchase at the Del Mar Deli

  • Free Entry to Nitelife in the Showroom

  • Buy one, Get one Free Bowling Games (up to 3)

  • Free Souvenir in the Gift Shop

  • 10% Off at Seattle’s Best

  • Free Junior Popcorn with purchase of movie ticket at Century

  • $20 off Boots over $100 at Boot Barn

Odds and Skeptics

Every good skeptic knows the casino has an odds edge in all games. The bests odds are in Video Poker and table Blackjack but game variations can be tricky so keep your wits about you. The good news is people do win and it could be your day.

Celebrities and Book Signings

IMG_20110717_012416 Autograph Signing Oh My Deity

There are set book and memorabilia signing times for official TAM authors and  celebrities but many will sign anytime if asked politely and without interrupting others. The same goes for ‘net’ famous individuals.

Food and Entertainment

There are many places to eat at South Point and to satisfy hungers of all types. South Point is a Pepsi products hotel but Coke fans can visit the  Del Mar Deli or Steak N’ Shake which serves Coke Products due to contractual obligations.

The real action will be at the Del Mar Lounge, a very open bar area inside of the casino anytime. 21 and over only. The Del Mar features lots of TV options and a convenient Sports Book.

Cheap Drinks and Specials in the Guest Coupon Book.

South Pointe background 019 Del Mar Lounge A Happy Tammer

Penn’s Bacon Donut Party

Bring some cash to donate to JREF then party with Penn and The No God Band featuring Heather Henderson of Ardent Atheist and Skeptically Yours.

Penn Jillette performing with The No God Band

 Expect to be rocked, offended, sticky and greasy.

 Join United Church Of Bacon

The United Church of Bacon will be on hand to indoctrinate you all with many gifts and surprises in store. Check out their booth at TAM or visit the website and sign up to become part of our fight for church state separation and equality.

 South Pointe background 078

My lovely wife Rose, co-founder of The Coming Out Godless Project and United Church of Bacon recommends a vanilla bean frozen yogurt in a waffle cone to beat the heat. Follow her on Twitter (@RosyEyes) and Google Plus.

Eric Broze

Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@broze) and Google Plus or say hi at TAM 2013. I’ll probably be in the Del Mar Bar and my drink of choice is a Salty Dog.

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Sucuri is a great source for keeping your site clean

Oct 31 2011 Published by under Links, News

As we mentioned previously, our site is now secure.

Thanks to Sucuri, Google has removed us from the Blacklist. Sucuri is quick and effective.

Not only do they have decent pricing but they also have a very informative blog. If you run into any website security problems, we recommend using them.

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South Point Casino Details for TAM9

Jun 28 2011 Published by under General, Images, Links

South Point Casino

TAM9 is almost here!

Since The Amazing Meeting is coming up and I’m local to Las Vegas, I’d thought I’d post some general tips and links. Last year, Eric and I posted some South Point and Las Vegas basics.

Las Vegas cabs and taxis charge $3.00 credit card fees and may charge additional fees for airport trips. Plan accordingly.
Sunscreen and lots of water is how locals survive in the desert. Expect temps of 105 outside and a uv index of 10. Casino temps are a cool 78 Fahrenheit.

I’ve actually come across a $6 fee. You may also have to wait about 20 minutes for a taxi. Read Eric’s entire post for more information on South Point itself. There aren’t many TAM9 basics that are out of the ordinary. Bring comfortable clothes and shoes. And don’t forget the business cards!

I have compiled some maps of Las Vegas near South Point and The Strip. South Point is here:

Google Map of South Point Casino and Hotel

If you’d like to go to the Rio, for instance, to see Penn & Teller, the cab should be about $30 plus tip. Some cabs will charge $3 to $6 fees just for using a credit card. It is best to bring cash. Also, ATMs on the strip (and most casinos in general) have higher than average withdrawal fees, so keep that in mind as well.

Google Map of South Point Casino and Hotel to The Rio

A trip to the south end of the strip (about New York, NY) should be about $25 plus tip.

Google Map of South Point Casino and Hotel to New York, NY

Go to South Point at Google Places.

While TAM events are casual, Friday and Saturday evenings out to clubs typically require nice dress (i.e., collars, no sneakers). If you’re going to gamble, sign up for a club card. I recommend charging everything to your room. Sometimes, they will comp certain things. The more you gamble or money you spend, the better the chances.

The Del Mar Lounge is the hot spot for skeptics. There’s another lounge on the other end of the hotel that is also a good place. There is also a Del Mar Deli which can be found with other quick bites. Last year, some people got sick after eating at Baja Miguel’s Mexican restaurant. So be careful. Restaurant-wise, there are a few different places to choose from. The Coronado Cafe is all right and has a wide selection.

If you see us be sure to say hi and submit a story afterwards (if you have not already done so).

Hope to see you at TAM9!

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We have a TAM9 daily paper

Mar 21 2011 Published by under Links, News

We now have a #TAM9 paper. So, contribute links with the #tam9 hashtag and read other links to make friends. Eric and I will be at The Amazing Meeting of 2011 again this year. We are Las Vegas locals, so if you have any questions about Vegas or South Point, feel free to leave comments here or contact us. Hope to see you there!

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The Amazing Meeting 2011, TAM9: Registration now open with guest and class information

Mar 14 2011 Published by under Images, Links

Since there seem to be some problems with the TAM 9 registration page at JREF, we’ve decided to put up a mirror.

TAM9 Information


The Amaz!ng Meeting
July 14-17, 2011

South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa
9777 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89183

Conference Rates

We are happy to say that the regular TAM registration rate remains the same for 2011 as it was for 2010, even as we have increased the number of speakers, workshops and panels on the program. Registration includes admission to all four days of TAM, including the opening reception on Thursday night, the main program Friday and Saturday and Sunday, and the live Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge event Sunday evening. Registration also includes a conference t-shirt and souvenir program; continental breakfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday; catered lunch on Friday and Saturday; and coffee/snack breaks during the conference. TAM registration does not include add-on workshops or evening shows, which are additional.

Starting March 14, 2011, the following EARLY BIRD rates are valid and expire on April 30, 2011:

Regular Registration: $425
JREF Member Registration: $375
Student Registration*: $325
Single Day Registration (Friday or Saturday only): $225
Starting May 1, 2011, the following STANDARD rates will apply, and will expire on June 30, 2011:

Regular Registration: $475
JREF Member Registration: $425
Student Registration*: $375
Single Day Registration (Friday or Saturday only): $250
Starting July 1, 2011, the following LATE registration rates will apply, including for walk-up registrations at the conference:

Regular Registration: $600
JREF Member Registration: $550
Student Registration*: $500 (if available)
Single Day Registration (Friday or Saturday only): $350
* Only a limited number of Student Registrations are available. Students should email with a copy of their current Student ID before claiming the discounted rate.


Workshops are separately ticketed events held before the main program begins. Workshops are presented all day Thursday and after the main program ends on Sunday. Attendees may register for workshops separately or purchase an All Workshop Pass.

Workshop Registration: $45 per workshop
All Workshop Pass: $100 (Attend any combination of workshops. Note: workshops run concurrently.)
Track A Track B
Thursday 9:00AM Explaining UFOs / Making Your Own UFO Defending Evolution in the Classroom and Beyond
Thursday 11:00AM Investigating Monster Mysteries Defending and Promoting Science-Based Medicine
Thursday 2:00PM Problems in Paranormal Investigation Organizing Skeptics (a.k.a. Hearding Cats)
Thursday 4:00PM Skepticism in the Classroom Advancing Skepticism Online
Sunday 2:30PM Raising Skeptics Spirituality for Skeptics

Evening Events

Evening events are separately ticketed and are held after the main program ends on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The Rebecca Watson Game Show and Variety Hour (Thursday 9pm): $20
Paul Provenza presents ¡SATIRISTAS! (Friday 8pm): $40
Penn Jillette’s Private Rock & Roll, Donut and Bacon Party (Friday 11PM): Free. Suggested donation of $20. Proceeds benefit the JREF.
Dinner with the cast of Skeptics Guide to the Universe (Saturday 6:30pm): $75
Max Maven’s Thinking in Person (Saturday 8:30pm): $40

The TAM Experience

New this year, The TAM Experience is a complete conference package that includes: (a) full conference registration, (b) the All Workshop Pass, (c) tickets to all evening shows, and (d) VIP seating in all main program sessions and evening shows. The cost of the package is $1000.

VIP Luncheon with James Randi and Friends

Enjoy an intimate catered luncheon with James Randi and other selected TAM speakers. Includes a special gift from the JREF. Tickets for the luncheon are limited to 20 people. The cost of this exclusive event is $1000.

So, there you have it. We will be attending, collecting stories and meeting godless folks. Hope to see you there!

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